Motivation is an inner force that causes a person to have the desire and willingness to act, and it is a crucial element that helps a person move closer toward their goals


By using imagery, athletes can strengthen their mental and physical skills to help them reach the next level. Imagery can be used to either intensify arousal and get “psyched up” for competition, or reduce stress when an athlete feels anxious.

Overcoming Burnout

Research has shown that most athletes experience staleness and burnout at some point in their athletic careers. This can result in cognitive stress, as well as tension, disappointment, irritability, and fatigue.

Our Team

Our team includes master's and doctoral level counselors who are dedicated to helping athletes, artists, musicians, and coaches overcome performance-related obstacles and focus on maximizing their full potential by using a compassionate approach that evaluates strengths and struggles so that personalized strategies can be developed into plans of action. Our counselors are athletes themselves who have experienced performance obstacles along the way. This personal understanding offers a unique perspective when it comes to understanding the importance of self-confidence, motivation, and mental toughness. Our staff presents a friendly and welcoming demeanor as we offer clients a supportive environment to work through challenging and sensitive situations. We believe that by enhancing one's strengths and challenging one's weaknesses, peak performance becomes possible.